Abraham: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION AND GAY RIGHTS – Esther & Jerry Hicks

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Rusty Cooper says:

nothing needs to be changed! everything is perfect as it is

blue moon says:

guess what? love wins 🙂

Yawel Wei says:

Fascinating. Makes you rethink the nature of "causes". Don't worry about changing other people. Live the dream, consciousness will eventually change.

Antonio Eloy Miranda says:


0001arely says:

Wow!! just Amazing!!!

iTzEbz says:

Happy memories knowing today, gay marriage has been legalized in all 50 states in the USA, 26th June 2015, took a while but we got there in the end 🙂

Ginger Meadows says:

People don't need to think what I think in order for me to think it.  … The BEST EVER!

freshair3451 says:

I adore you Esther.

Juke Jonathan says:

This is just PURE BLISS.

stuse says:

Amazing. I cried.

AMD Friendly says:

Abraham – Hicks is so Awesome!  Wow…what a lady, what an Abraham!

Terry Mutant says:

Very nice as usual

elena felgueres says:

so beautiful…

whysosirius says:

I listen to this once or twice a week. sometimes even more

ian1856 says:

Unfailingly brilliant!!

Brandon Skelton says:

Best words I have ever heard. 😀

Cassandra Murakami says:

Wow that was amazing!

Ricardo Fernandes says:

I see it many times and I feel powerful and thankful for those words.
Thank you so much!

BrightBlue1111 says:

YES! YES! YES! I totally agree with you… you see, being "legally married" meant so much to me when I thought I was "straight" and in heterosexual relationships. Now, five years after getting to know Abraham and six months after coming out as a lesbian, I don't care about marriage anymore. If I've allowed the relationship that is in my vortex, who cares? I wish I had this attitude when I was "straight," but hey… it's all good. ALL GOOD. 😀

Gille inTheVortex says:

Amazing. thank you Esther Jerry and Abraham ! sending my love to you !

M vdp says:

gave me goosebumbs

LandryattheBayou says:

Amen. Finally someone who is on the same page as I. I am gay and I feel the same way. I don't need a piece of paper or an external authority to validate my love or my abundance. I am whole.

Johnny LeRose says:

And, So are YOU!!! Thank you, for Being, so incredible, Creevie! … ONE.

Jordi Estrada says:

Waw! That was just beautiful and amazing! I am impressed! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Uma York says:

Gives me chills!

Lukewarm_Enthusiasm says:

WOW!!! -3-3-3

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