Abraham Hicks – Your Worries and Struggle Will Block The Abundance That Is On It's Way To You

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afro deity says:

That explains soooo much!!

luvyou baby says:

I want someone to ask her where hitler’s spirit went after death. Did he just join source or did he reincarnated back to earth in a difficult situation because of his bad karma. What happens to these spirits

luvyou baby says:

This is contradicting to what many ppl say about bad karma, or the way some spirits can get to the 5th dimension and other higher dimensions ! New earth etc. what about all the bad ppl in the words history who committed horrible things to other humans, don’t they get punished or level down to a lower dimension.

So anyone who feels happy by dong bad things to other, is ok with the universe or source as long as they very happy and creating by doing it.- I don’t know what to believe

Giuliano Gutzeit says:

Even you devil deleted me? Why ? It was jealousy?

Giuliano Gutzeit says:

As Nostalgia

2924sunny says:

Excellent segment!!! Thx

D J says:

The Heaven scene is hilarious!! "WHAT?? There's no LIST???"

Terry Brightwater says:

Brilliant :0)

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