Abraham Hicks Why We Have Addictions and Bad Habits

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Tami McCullough says:

OMG!! This is the most amazing thing i have ever heard regarding addictions!! I laughed and i cried and I am smilin from ear to ear.. and soon I will be free from addiction. Awesome information.. thank you sooooo much..

Faith Wilson says:

I actually did request to smoke, sadly to cause self harm. So tell your inner self enough, kinda make myself stronger and no condemnation. Thank you

J.B says:

Most people are just awful. Way she goes I'm afraid. Be good to yourself, raise that vibration and try to ignore folks that aren't aligned with your inner self ????

Captain Carter says:

Oooh meany blissing .
Here today gone tomorrow.
Just the way I like it..

Zuby says:

Vibrations, vortexes, don’t feel guilt?
This lady is a quack. If u can’t convince them confuse them. She is spouting nonsense.
Smoking is not impulsive it is compulsive. There is no choice.
She is not the person to address addictions. Just FYI.

etc etc says:

Inner bean. That's maddening

Ryan Douglas says:

Thank you so much

sean kearney says:

Listen to me ramble on and on about shit i cant prove.

Syed Siraj Rizvi says:

I just wish for this woman “Abraham Hicks” for once to make her answer easy, simple, and or at least less complicated. She stalls a lot and by the time she gets to her answer .. it has already been 10 plus minutes and that is why I m not listening to her bullshit anymore because she is absolutely not legit. I mean seriously? You need 15:some minutes to answer a simple straight forward question? How about some coffee before hitting the stage/panel. We don’t care about what her last girl and past questions insinuated. I want to know the answer of a current spot on question-that is straight forward and quite a simple question… Wow.. that was a waste. what a scam. This video was clicked by me by accident but I still ended up listening to it and let it play because my wife is fanatic about this lady’s philosophy of life, however, the answer should simply be .. “use your head and don’t make wrong choices and if you still continue to do so then realize that you lack strong will power and that’s all there is to it.. listen to other gurus on what will power is and and how one can stretch it instead of wasting time on some complicated long jumbo dumbo answer which is a complete insult to logic and focal mind. I mean seriously.

Marilou Job says:

Wonderful song on money! Thank you

Kat says:

Powerful message! Thank you and much love ????????????

Maureen Arrowsmith says:

Please stop talking so much and let the other person have their say. It is so 'offputting'. I wanted to hear your message, but diplomacy is about listening to the other person.

Kris Taylor says:

What an interesting perspective. Wow game changer for how I eat.

janie cutliff says:

❤️❤️❤️????????????love Abraham and Esther!!

Sam Stoll says:

Love your viewpoints, I lived in the flow of life years ago. Mindful, grateful, loving, happy, everyday. Life really came to me, nothing was impossible. I resonated at such highs, I don't know where I lost myself. Through the last decade ive gotten rather out of touch. Challenging my life, with destructive choices and moods I don't seem to have a handle on at all.

Ana Hurtarte says:

LOVE YOU ABRAHAM ????????????

Oliver St.pierre says:

Your hart is whate send the message two the brain

Oliver St.pierre says:

Your hart has 40 000thouths cell in your hart

Oliver St.pierre says:

Yes your hart is the most power3 part of your boddy

Oliver St.pierre says:

Yes i smoke ciggets

Jw Smart says:

The air in L.A. is not worse than smoking. That is just idiotic, Abraham.

Edgardo C says:

Smoking at 5.15 on…

Tamira Johnelle says:

To be honest this lady probably feels good when she smokes. It’s what she THINKS others think of her that Makes her feel bad.. It’s a beautiful day when we no longer give a rip about what others think of us. 🙂
I freaking love Abraham!!!

Make Money Online - Super Entrepreneur says:

Social experiment
If you love money make this blue????????????
Money will be delivered to you????????

Wilma says:

Thriving is not about the condition it's about my response to the condition

Jill Cameron says:

I like this lady. She has an open mind. Thank you.????????

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