Abraham Hicks: Why Men Lose Interest

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The Love Sanctuary with Peta April says:

It's interesting hearing this from a man's perspective and that he actually doesn't understand why it happens.. Are you someone who's overly focussed on your own flaws? When we put someone else on a pedestal and make THEIR opinion of us more important than OUR own opinion of ourselves it lowers our vibration and they do inevitably lose interest. love that AH teaches a state of non-attachment – of tuning in to our vibrational escrow.. not abandoning ourselves and 'over-investing' in someone who's not in alignment. The tendency to fall into this pattern can be predicted by our love bonding and attachment style.. You can find out yours -> http://bit.ly/love_bonding_quiz

Brenda Veintimilla says:

Dont like the Wo man

Dany says:

Men loose interest bwcause The woman is dumb, boring, superficial and stupid.

JXP says:

i just have to click it… lol

Jessica Smith says:

People think the grass is greener when in actual fact it is not.

chris georgallis says:

Life Lessons
Everything happens for a reason
To put You on the Right Path.

Office Service says:

The right time, Person,choice

Edda Justice says:

Don’t think that this thumb nail title is apt to the lecture video ? Sorry it didn’t match up for me !

tipsymonkey1 says:

Is the continuation of this available to listen to?

MORE〈3 says:

Why women lose interest. You guys don't think that is too much that is a lot of information and nothing happens. Is madness.

Kyra Renee T says:

I like this part.. 6:43

Hope Todorova says:

Well one thing is for sure honey and that is LIFE GOES on. I don't dwell on why this or that…if he looses interest the door is near don't let it hit you on the way out.
At times clinging to someone who doesn't see our worth and value is continuing the suffering. It is always better to be alone than to be with someone who is not sure how he feels and isn't treating you with care, respect and consideration. Life is about being content and fiding a way to be at peace regardless of external circumstance. We can't control things. Only thing we have control over is our attitude and our mindset regardless of what does or doesn't happen.

Elizabeth Rocha says:

It should say why does anyone is interested in a relationship. It's not just me and it just happens to me a man talking about it

Mariah pads says:

But this is a False title .. so many people take what Abraham teaches and try to distort it with false titles.

I absolutely love Abraham Hicks and it would be nice for those who share to put titles that are not distorting the message.

Perhaps a more inclusive title would be why do we loose interest. Anyway still appreciate you sharing

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