Abraham Hicks – Who am I Becoming

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annie mkhungo says:

LOVE YOU SO MUCH ABRAHAM last night had to write down all my acknowledgements of things that has manifestested ,tru your teachings was in happy tears ,the pen kept write i didnt know was do much abundance all areas of ny life ,everything is working out for me that my status everymorning .THANK YOU

G D says:

Abraham said life is supposed to be fun and live happily ever after. Well, all the people who died from diseases did not live happily ever after and neither do those who live in poverty. So if the physical life was so wonderful, why isn't Abraham in a physical body? ha!

Eileen Hadden says:

Thank you x3🙏🙏🙏

bruce fischetti says:

It did feel quite painful witnessing what I will call dysfunction (not really); like springing off a board

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