Abraham Hicks – Today I attract only Greatness

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Maria De Jesus says:

The ads ruined it

Helga Schleeh says:

Hi Let me clarify what I said below- first thank you for doing this…. love Abraham. While I was watching an ad popped up for some other person saying that the law of attraction is a lie and this other method was much better. I don't know if it just comes up on my browser because I love Abraham and the loa and therefore they give me anything with that in it, or if it has to do with your post….. but just to let you knowin case you can do anything about it. All the best.

Helga Schleeh says:

why do you have an ad saying that the law of attraction is a lie???????????

Wally G. says:

Attention to anything will bring it to us. The Universe doesn’t discriminate nor does it sift or sort the good from the. It so good. Be aware of your thoughts and guidance system because the Universe will match what we emanate. Thank you Abraham!

Sanchita Pandey Bollywood Hits says:

Very good and inspiring information?

Gavin Manthe says:

These adverts are a pain ?
They constantly disrupt my meditation on the words.

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