Abraham Hicks – This Will Put You into the Vortex Instantly , Powerful

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Rama Ananth says:

I realised, that just saying I am in the Vortex will not make me stay inside the vortex, because we have to acknowledge certain negative feelings that would keep cropping up and pull us down, and our dream of floating like a cork , would remain a dream, if we didn't do something about the negativity, that is still there within us, and wants us to resolve it. It is almost like the tugging of a child, it wants us to pay attention to it, and if we ignore the mild tugging. it doesn't go off, it become more intense like a tantrum, and if we ignore it further , it turns into rage. So in order to get into the vortex we need to pass the tests put up by the vortex, to which we have surrendered, and agreed to be trained by the vortex.
The vortex is testing us to see how far we have evolved in tackling the negatives and understood that , actually there is nothing negative, for every negative has something positive to offer us, and we must be able to acknowledge it and see what positive changes we can make from it.
Here comes the saying: unless you experience darkness you can never experience the joy of light.
And that is where we have a problem, and once we recognise it , it no longer remains a problem,and things start flowing in very harmonious way, and we would find ourselves safe inside the Vortex: a place of Magic and Miracles!!!
This is just the way I have understood, if there is another way, please feel free to share it with me.

Hali Peer says:

I am so happy and grateful now that I have a successful YouTube channel

Frankie Zappia says:

I never understand what the hell this lady means. Ever!

Iceberg Slim says:

I love this! But my only question is, when your vibe in the vortex is disruptive by an unseen circumstance or a bad decision made by you. How do you get back in the positive vibe? How u claim that good feeling again??

Fiona LeakE says:

This is amazing! I've been listening to this every single morning and in the last two weeks I've won $1530 and got two job offers! It sounds crazy at first but this stuff really works and I cannot explain how grateful I am for it 🙂 as long as you let go and just feel good, everything you could ever dream of is coming your way xxxx

Pinky T says:

What the hell is the vortex? (when I'm in the vortex, when I'm in the vortex, when I'm in the vortex) Blablabla. Yikes

Smoke Break says:

In the flow, as I call it. I think half this video was saying, in the vortex. This lady is on fire?with it

Anne Nisch says:

wow.are you sooooo lost ! God help you ! I am so sorry for you.

Jacob Walters says:

The vortex is very real

Change Your Frequency says:

Really, once you figure it out..that nothing is ever outside of the Vortex, it's then much easier to choose with clear intent, to stay in the Vortex as much as possible. Just knowing that I am a conscious creator (after much experience of course), just that Knowingness takes me into the Vortex and I feel like my heart wants to float out of my chest. Love and Light to you all. May we all unite and bring Ourselves and this Planet into a higher density of Vibration. <3

brattybaby says:

This is so timely! I was so out of the vortex yesterday. I was so down and gave in to slight depression but I could hear Abraham in my head. I took myself out of the feelings of despair and here I am!!

Rachel Starseed says:

Wow to much vortex in the morning!

Rayma Torres says:

I really love listening to you

رفاء الدركزنلي says:

Its awsom this energy I love that .thank u

That Guy JD says:

100% truth keeps me flowing!!!!

darkevilfairy says:

I’ve ordered my first thing from you today 🙂 for going into the vortex. I only started listening yesterday

Jai Karera says:

i love you soul to soul
please afford to spare some days
in India wait for invitation
by 2020

Magreth Mhoha says:

I didn't know the meaning of vortex, i google it and it says aome bad habits that u cant get rid of it ?

Josephine Dorion says:

hehhh……my ego-mind is NOT liking this…it FEELS like a slow-poison… soooo i close my eyes and repeat your every words. THANK YOU ABRAHAM. YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL.

aimee gaxiola says:

The universe is friendly to me ?

Allannah Morris says:

I almost get annoyed of the repetition 🙁

Chris Carter says:


Realladi 228 says:

Letting people off the hook…

Wilza Olga says:

Queria muito q fosse traduzido em português

angela collins says:

Abraham as I listened to this rampage I broke out crying the whole time am I ok?
Im so emotional right now am I allowing my vortex or am I in phycial emotion?
I love feeling good i don't like feeling bad i just want to feel good all the time
After my mother passing I have been listening and I'm finding so much clarity I made alot if moves wit source permission some heart breaks and down falls alone the way I got stuck I got unstuck now I'm asking source why do i gotta go thru pain to get joy?
I had to lose the love i moved 2000miles to be wit how did this happen when source agreed he was the one why after 2months he's not the one anymore?
Source guide me just let me know where we going??? is that fair to ask source
I manifest love and then I lose it i just want to be happy and loved
Why is it so tought? SOURCE respectfully asking?

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