Abraham Hicks , This Speech Will Raise Your Vibration Instantly!

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Sharkhunter 1000 says:

Haha thats why i was feeling fear and bad not ready but now its time for a fresh new start

DL L says:

Riding the wave of my own electric ride, and it is a awesome flow it's the only way to go full potential of me feeling good vibrations of rocket climbing high, but grounded for folding my life with my own thoughts and vibrations attracting every thing I have in my life, because that is what the law of attraction is. aloud, at the times I needed it the most ,set it and forget it and it will come at the right time love it, thoughts and positive vibrations work if you set your mind to work in your direction to exact mind set , feels awesome ??

Kirandeep Kirandeep says:


Barbora and Robert Bourne says:

Amazing!! I love this, I AM… learning more and more about myself and how things actually work in life everyday! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

PaintersNow MarcosCruz says:

I studied vibration over 15 years and I still find a new lesson every day I highly recommend all you my brothers and sisters to listen to hz 432 nature sounds on YouTube every night it will change your life for good and you'll wake up to a new you in a very harmonious realm. Thank you for allowing you to find yourself..?

Youdontneedto Seemyidentification says:

Excellent lecture. There are many really good talks on LOA and the like on YT, but I'd have to place this one in the top 10 easily. Invest 15 minutes, you won't be sorry! Thanks for posting, and may everyone attain what they seek.

Queen Lastlight says:

#youcanpinchyourselfoffprettygood! I am laughing so hard!

Yeralie Molina says:

What’s the “vortex”?

Ethan Murray says:

Be the toaster..

The Komal Soni says:

This is best #AbrahamHicksTeachings

Rama Laxmi says:

Iam a Toaster?????

Fascist Spies says:

I really love what this lady is saying but the pace and fervor with which she speaks gives me anxiety to the max

ShortBusKrew says:

Beautiful !! Heard this so many times, but today was the perfect time!! Thank you

AKM Always Keep Moving says:

Love love love it!!! Wish I could always be in that loving vibration!! Money and needed a job for food and shelter is the only thing that keeps me from always having a high vibration..

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