Abraham Hicks – Think Out Of The Box

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Adam Joyner says:

You're ALRIGHT,,,,,,where you are,,,,,you're FEELING!!!!! Good, good, good, good….OH, I got a castle…oh, I got a block of money, ???? err, yay!:)

Audrey Anderson says:

Emotionally describing people – the source with in me never deviates. So stop thinking and be satisfied. My inner being is always feeling good and I am drawn to it.

Thinking in terms of the way that it feels

Ashley Davis says:

Really good ????

4C 4c_llc says:

You Are Infinite Intelligence ????

Ramazan Delos santos says:

Amazing topic

Jhonny Mogada says:


Jepoy Nupio says:

That's smart!

Sheri Davis says:


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