Abraham Hicks – Things Happen To You Based On Your Own Thoughts ☑ 2018 New

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burnquist1 says:

Wow, this Abraham Hicks lady is extremely rude and condescending. She just attacks the poor lady for 10min, then she finally gets a word in and she's like forget everything I said, you're right! 😂

샤눕도기덕 says:

you are the one who I can trust most.
I dont know how I can send mail to you mrs hicks.. but really struggling on something.. I love secret the movie and still practicing it but james arthur ray had certain trial as you know and keep bothering me to focus on secret. he didnt want that happen as a teacher of secret.. why did it happen and should i still follow the secrets teaching? I am begging you to answer this question for many people like me..

kfreeney52 says:

Can’t believe more people aren’t attracted to these videos

Drare 626 says:

Thank You God for blessing me with 450,000,000 dollars

Jay says:

Hi Abraham thanks for your video just what I needed to listen too love and light

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