Abraham Hicks The Secret To Turning Vibration Into Wealth

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Linda Turner says:

Thank you to abraham and to everyone commenting here. We all learn so much from each other……Love to all……

Linda Turner says:

Is there anything wrong with me buying an occasional lottery ticket and then getting on with my life and be happy. I know source has many ways, avenues to bring money to me but I also desire to buy lottery tickets because that is what I desire.

Jose Amador says:

What is the Vortex on this context?

Esther Baettig says:

Rich people know how to focus and to tune in.

Berny Frank says:

Thankyou for posting. ??

Diana B says:

All she has to do when she is hungry is to say 'Cook little pot, cook!' and the pot will cook a perfect little bowl of porridge. Then she has to say 'stop little pot, stop' and it will stop.
When you need it, it is there.

امراض جلدية و تناسلية says:

GREAT ,GREAT…JUST GREAT conversation???
Thank you for reloading.

Aparna Pandey says:

I have got a taste of vortex and yesterday some people at my workplace pulled me back to the ground and distracted me, I trying to pull myself back to my inner being and focus. I know Abraham you know all, please help me manifest my dreams and live in the bliss and abundance

Frame Your Life With Nykohl says:

Thank you so much for the clarity.

hackbum lee says:

I truly believe the law of attraction

Micky Joe says:

?️ money ?? ?? ??️? ?? ? is flowing in my direction right now.?????

NOVAH says:

Abraham is a woman :O i was thinking thas a man 🙁

Ram N says:

Thank you, It is helpful!

Jonathan K says:

Your inner being never focuses on the drama or lack; optimistic anticipation = prosperity FEELING; when you feel good you're in sync with your inner being/receptive mode; you have to GIVE UP your argument for limitations/lack; current reality/what you are observing is temporary; positive attitude is the pathway to abundance; you earn vibrational currency with your mood/feeling of well being.

Plant-Based Queen says:

Thank you Universe & source for always giving me everything I need and want

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