Abraham Hicks ~ The SECRET for Passive Income without Action

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kavs Satguru Kripa says:

can really univ understand what iam asking for..i dont understand what do i do..when its univ job to bring my dm in…

Elysia B says:

needed this so much….its in line with the truth—ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE…

Princess Ayah Francis says:

Thank you so much for the video ???

Gloria Fisher says:

Just the knowing….. that's what brings excitement and happiness on its own. Just wanted to clear up a few paragraphs that my phone decided to write lol underneath my phone has a mind of its own, after all it is also energy too.lol

Gloria Fisher says:

Just knowing that it's already mine is soooo amazing and I'm soooo Happy and in time it will show up, just the knowing and the excitement and happiness it brings is enough, everyone I know what is in my vortex I'm soooo excited and Happy, I'm also learning that I could be Happy and excited about life while I watch everything unfold." THIS IS SOOOO MUCH FUN"Lol. Peace, Love and Light to all. Life is Good!!

Lindsey Churchill says:

Thank You : )

sarisha singh says:

Adverts are annoying

wax lynchem says:

What the name of this cult guys?

Tony Edmonds says:

Love the question he asked ?

Hu Sunikra says:

There's no passive action oxymoron the universe he's always active the thought itself is action The Thinker thinks it's action alignment itself is action do these things vibrate vibration is action new action new alignment no thought no alignment no action nothing can happen is simple thought is action remember staying in alignment is action nothing is passive in creation creation itself is action thank you very much

Noah Hesbon says:

love this one.

JASNA JULIJA Vidergar says:

The inspiration comes first and inspires the action. The action doesn’t create ?? When you understand this it feels sooooo blissful ?

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