Abraham Hicks Talking About Tony Robbins Teachings

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Marcus Avila says:

Tony Robbins swears “911” was not an inside job.

elle12390 says:

I recently experienced the power of inspired action. It was magical and happened itself. Manifestation was fun and easy that way.

Joy and Georgi says:

@ Carol Loraine Thank you for being such an amazing, shining example of Love, Wisdom and Light! I am honoured to be sharing the planet with You at this time!

joelma solano says:

What an aggressive voice of that woman, hard listen, all about money making , manifestation of money. I didn’t feel peace at all, exactly like Tony .

Andy LaRusch says:

No effort is required, it is inspired.

Mic drop.

MANU says:

Eeeeeeeeeh , Robbins makes lots more sense

Athena Pina says:

This is absolutely true when you're in fear and panic your mind shuts down. I started meditating every single morning I start with gratitude, then i do an abundance meditation. I kid you not the first day i cryed I released that crazy fear! the very next day I meditated, alot of ideas of how to make money came to me. I acted on it and made money. You must shift your mind in order to receive.

Erin Mcclure says:

I absolutely believe that Tony Robins believes and promotes everything they are saying. It is all in synch really. He promotes live in a beautiful state and then reach (be ready to be ready). Choose not to suffer and live in alignment and build your life from there. This is a GREAT video but the guy doesn’t see the overlap. It’s all good and in synch.

Kaneda says:

Too shouty for me sorry but I did not enjoy listening to this.

Holly Munford Bloe says:

Align first then act POSITIVE

Adriana B. says:

It is exhausting

Gabi Salse says:

God, I love this woman!

Aimee Worlds says:

He’s questioning with the conditioned logic mind. Abraham is responding with an expanded Supernatural knowing. Inspired = In Spirit — I’m sure it was hard for him to decipher.

Ja Ja says:

Non-aligned action is "mediocre action". Aligned action is "world changing". Abe: "If you're not being led to alignment, you're not being led to the success that you are seeking." "Do you know how to know if something is serving you? It's fun NOW. It feels good NOW." Great great segment. And Abe's wit at the start (starts from 6.37), which befuddles the questioner completely, is pure pure genius. The poor questioner! But thanks to him for perfect questions, because I for one am that guy quite often.

Grace Smyth says:

She is full of it.
Every since they tried to cover up her husband's illness…. I don't believe any thing she says.

Based on their teachings… how come he couldn't heal himself?…. based on their teachings… why did they cover up what was happening to him????
Covered up what was happening to him
Covered up what was happening to him
… what was happening to him
… what was happening to him.

R ONeal says:

Who is this lady speaking? She is not identified in the introduction to the video. Who is Abraham Hicks, the male speaker??

Marc G says:

one word….enigmatic

Igor F says:

It is so true….

EagleWoLF777 says:

Intentions and thoughts create energy.

Isaac Alva says:

She talks uptight and robotic with no comfort or compassion…almost with no patience neither… how to trust her? She brains you off with such big challenges and concepts that makes you feel inadequate and lost.
My auntie was as mean but…
Where’s the love here?

Karen Mellett says:

I don't understand what's being said here… my head hurts after 10 mins trying to understand… am I the only one??

Catherine Burns says:


Odette Dynasty says:

The best time for this in my life.

Market-Connections Professional Resume Writing Services says:

??? This talk hit the spot in the MOST timely way. Thank you straight from the Vortex 🙂 ???

Maynard Becker says:

Sometimes Esther is a twat. At 7:30 he says he doesn’t understand what she is saying and she responds with you”re not trying very hard to understand. That’s a lame retort and kind of trying to turn things back on him.

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