Abraham Hicks Removing Blocks About Money Today

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Róbert Nagy says:

ellenálni csak ti áltok ellen:)))))))) miért kifizetétek a jogdijam :))))))))

Zori Yael Stollar says:

Just perfect? Love Abraham-Hicks, Esther and Jerry❤️??

Lilu ve Kitsches says:

you sound like you talk aliens language 🙂

Mahogany Princess says:

Thank you. Positivity in a nutshell

Jonathan K says:

Quieting your mind allows the vibration; If you can't find anything that feels good, distract your thoughts; WORRY or DOUBT tells you you're resisting

Jody Royee says:

This will really help everyone
Much clearer than the cosmic non physical interpretation of a disembodied spirit

Jonathan K says:

Focusing on ONE thing that's going right, you ALLOW rather than resist; its getting ready to be ready to be ready; if you STOP doing that thing that isn't letting it happen (being worried), you flip the vibration completely

Quadaar101 says:

Amazing how these educational lesson video's present themselves at the right moment! The man just described my dad soon as he entered the room…

Rashieme McFadden says:

I'm Tha Juggernaut!

fullbody says:

Wow, just amazing

bigfoot6869 sasquatch says:

Then I'll be poor and broke the rest of my life. My end of the stick is stuck in the mud.

Polly Ca says:


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