Abraham Hicks – Relationships – Rampage – Feeeeeel the amazing relationship and let it line up

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Black Gold says:

Love u zeahorse…xoxo ..loved the part of her saying "unnecessary manifestation "lol as we are manifesting for feeling this great/good inside- so why not feel this good inside directly (thus abe calling the lover an unnecessary manifestation..hahah best part)

pete stronach says:

wow, . .that was incredible.
thank you so much.


Sending you good vibes ??

Radhika Prabhu says:

This has helped me in manifesting love so easily! Thank you Abraham. thank you so muCH! I keep repeating it like affirmations and it raises my vibration so easily, it so easily puts me on my path, it carries me to my vortex. Here is this first 2 min of the video clip

the relationship i want is the one of ease, its easy to feel good, its easy to feel at one, its easy to like what i see, its easy to move through my day, its easy to be who i am, it’s easy to do the work that i want to do, its easy to be two separate people with two separate intentions trough many things, its easy to interact, its easy to be in a relationship like that, its easy, its easy.. it just feels comfortable, its feels comfortable, it feels comfortable to be in a relationship like that, it feel comfortable,its feels secure, it feels certain and secure and easy and comfortable, it feels real, it feels true, it feels honest and deep, it feels soul and source,it feels core, it feels basic, it feels true, it feels real, it feels, it feels good, it feels easy, it feels soft and gentle and sure,it feels comfortable, it feels like love, it feels like being loved, it feels like loving, it feels like adoring, it feels like sureness, it feels like certainty, it feels like confidence, it feels like knowing, it feels like being, it feels like me, it feels like home,it feels real, it feels certain, it feels honest, it feels open, it feels open ended, it feels expansive,it feels delicious, it feels fun, it feels exciting,it feels captivating, it feels enticing,it feels passionate, it feels vital, it feels alive, it feels full, it feels real, it feels like me.

mustika maharani says:

amazing vibes✨

yols says:

Incredible ❤️

Patricia Currie says:

this has been happening for me as well.  It keeps becoming more real each day. It's so cool.

Abraham Hicks Quotes says:

Amazing Rampage. Thank you.

opra smiley says:

Thank u soo much Abraham I love all ur videos ??

Source One says:

The realness-ness of the law of attraction is evident in the love shown in EVERY comment on every Abraham video???????????????????

Corliss Yamasaki says:

Amaazing! !

Karen Chatman says:

feels amazing

Dorthy Mintestinal. says:

simply AMAZING!!!

A Gray says:

OMG loooove!! Thank you whoever posted this…

Marijana Ljubinac Velickovic says:

This is the best video EVER. Thank you, thank you ….. ♡♡♡♡

Warrior Of The Light says:

Beautiful thank you ??????

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