Abraham-Hicks | Office politics are sucking the life out of him

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Camilla says:

Thank you exactly what I needed to hear

Amazing Miracles says:

10:00 The 1000kw?came on just like magic. Funny, I was doing this morning while working out and practising it on something else. This is a clear example why I am a Hickster. I heard many times oh one needs to apply and practice LoA. They will tell you what to do, however what makes things flow with ease is to avoid doing certain processes when one has resistance about something.  

I have found a recent Abraham writing process that works a real treat for me. That issue is now sorting its self out and I was surprised that I didn't have to do anything apart from this 10 mins process to see things moving along nicely. So all the evidence that I thought I needed was not even needed what so ever. What a time and stress saver.  ??
Abraham, You've gotta give the process a name (you know which one) It's a winner.

DURAN X says:

upliftmet not war

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