Abraham Hicks , Make yourself irresistible – BEST amazing technique!

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Julia K says:

I also do not grieve the loss of my dear mother. She is with me when I need to speak with her loving me as ever. Thank you Mum.

Shipa Redjepi says:

My smile is the first thing anyone notices…. It's what makes me

Shipa Redjepi says:

Whats happen to me has made me who I am now
I'm the best iv ever been.
You hit rock bottom only way is up.

Your mums bumhole says:

What a nice example of Americans being gullible simpletons. The laughing stock of the world

creative solutions says:

Something occurred to me when listening to this, we can't become sharp without something hard.. have you ever sharpen a knife without a stone?

LaMoonDove LifeIsGreat says:

Love love love this lady ????????????????

NABEntertainment says:

OMG synchronicity! I just spent the weekend in Wapakoneta Ohio for the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and suddenly I watch this video! There is no such thing as coincidence… PS I'm posting this at 3:33 p.m. lol

Robert S says:

No, Neil never did. That was why Abraham did not immediately say yes.

Dee M says:

That is so true. Exactly how I feel about finding the right person.

E k says:

Esther u were ahead if QUANTUM physics. Dr how dispenza is the science version of you. You're great…Always were. First came across u 38 years ago.

MrAhuraMazda187 says:

The people who ask this woman questions are insufferable. Too cultish

Booo says:

I didn’t understand a single thing

Miss Understood says:

She never truly answers a question… Kind of a vague round about spin offs. Doesn't let ppl finish….


She is trying to sell a story of a naked king with invisible clothes, thank you for trying though!

Veronica Bolanos says:

Saying a whole lot of nothing.

A Google User says:

How to make urself beautuful if u are physically ugly. Men love gorgeous woman in relationship..

Stella Ercolani says:

I make myself irresistible by not jumping men. You ooze it you don't need to be so blatant. Nuance and subtlety????????

Dolunay says:

Can someone explain specifically and directly without all the sarcasm? This is the third video of hers that I watch I still haven’t quite grasped her techniques…

Bianca McKechnie says:

hahahahahaha love this guy!

Rama Laxmi says:

Find humour in yourself ????????????????????

Rama Laxmi says:

You like hard ????????????untill you can't ????????????

Rama Laxmi says:

Take it easy????????????????

serbia love says:

Everything is good and it will be better. ????????❤️

Celisse Willis says:

What the lady said about connecting with her dad after he transitioned … it’s true, I’ve done the same. I’ve got through the same & haven’t grieved in the “typical” sense as she says. People don’t need to grieve. They’re right there & it’s beyond anything you could’ve had while they were physical!

ArcherQueen 05 says:

I think she was being a smart ass when she asked if Neil Armstrong walked on the moon implying that Abraham must know everything….or is it just me?

aleksandra arsoska says:

This guy has such a beautiful voice,the girl is really lucky

musicvixen24 says:

That was not understandable

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