Abraham Hicks – Let your job to be to feel good

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android phone says:

So it should have been " feel and grow rich'

Atul Sharma says:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Bruce Gatten says:

The more I want…the more it recedes from me. I ask and it is answered: TOMORROW…TOMORROW…TOMORROW, i.e. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Love & Light says:

Thanks Nat. Sorry for the trouble, I wonder if you could have the Transcript in English for this clip please? I would appreciate that. Thanks so much.

Free Spirit says:

Abraham hicks is amazing

Elizabeth Cook says:

Thank you for not having commercials interrupt the flow ❤️

Ananya Chattopadhyay says:

awesome.. i feel gd

러브홀릭(마음공부, 명상,책읽기,행복, 사랑,감사) says:

Thannks a lot ! Abraham 🙂

Diana Bates says:

That's awesome I love it I understand

Lucky Angelpy says:

THANKU SOO MUCH ABRAHAM!! Questions ive had for awhile now, u just answered them for me, perfectly!! I Am Blessed, I Am Grateful, I Am Thankful…I AM!!

Grace Otiboe says:

Thank you Abraham ❤️?

William Downs says:

This is a “Classic” Abraham talk. I have it in my old AH CD collection. THANK YOU, for posting. Says it all!! ??

Bridget McCoy says:

May be the BEST tape of Abraham

Chris Carter says:


David McElveen says:

Brilliant unfolding path of who you are becoming, more alignment available now because of you. Feeling grateful, easy flow here now

Mike Hannie says:

Brilliant Nat… This post is PERFECT

an angel's kiss in spring ღღ says:


garry G Ballard says:

? Touchdown ??? Bingo ? on ?

Angela Almeida says:

Love you abraham , thank you Ester

Majedah A. says:

One of her best talks. She really knows her stuff. I had all that at different times in my life and the most powerful and really easy way to get anything fast and smoothly is the “statement” method, on sentence or two, and to have the habit of stating and letting it go cuz you don’t need to think about it much anymore when you already feel happy, content, playful and joyful.

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