Abraham Hicks – Let go of control and your life will change

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Lindsey Churchill says:

Thank You : )

Liz McLean-Knight says:

While YT's algorithms are opaque, somehow Abraham makes their way through. ?

Lynn Levy says:

Thank you ?

PRHILL9696 says:

Wow people are that silly they actually think that their mind and/or the universe is that stupid that it actually believes that by saying you have wealth and this and that it doesnt know you are lying LOL My goodness Barnum was right a sucker really is born every minute!

BTW Science, Reality prove we all evolved  from apes, we live one time only then we all die, the end. The universe is not a conscious thing, it does not know or care about us and we cannot control it or reality in any way at all. Those are the facts.  

People who cannot handle this reality have tried for centuries to pretend in mumbo jumbo as they feel it gives them comfort when in reality all it does is screw them up and make them miserable in the end which is sad. Especially because they are forced by these teachings to remind themselves each day what they desire but dont have I mean how cruel!

fatema ma says:

stop selling hope fraud !
The human being is NOT a creator , They can be a reason but heshe is definitely not a creator , Know the difference and quit being a dumb rock that gets in whatever rubbish this fraud is spreading .

Paulo Sousa says:

Love this so much!!!

The Bedrocker says:

https://youtu.be/4jZMONom3_o I’ve done this technique since I was one year old, this technique helps me get into the vortex and create some amazing art, music and joy!

Sands says:

My dog, my dog, my dog I will focus on my dog ?????? I sooo luv that word LOATHE ??

Chuck Wilson says:

Can someone clarify who Esther is please?

ranchordas1 says:

I just wish she didn't speak like a broken record. It doesn't have to be so dramatic. Takes your focus away.
Please, don't repeat, don't repeat,don't repeat,don't repeat,don't repeat,don't repeat,don't repeat the same words.
I heard you the first time around.

I enjoy her audios though.

lighthouse 77 says:

Thank you! This helped me a lot. Our feelings matter so much.
I used to ignore my feelings, but now I listen carefully every day, because emotions are part of our guidance system.
I really liked the moving your point of Attraction part, and the idea that anger is better than despair.
I have felt more self-worth when I have been angry, so it made sense to me.

Davida Millburn says:

it is the unconscious thoughts and feelings we so often need to change but we are unaware of them. so?????????

Contessa Anna von Funk says:

Love you so much Abraham :-*

Sherry Eames says:

YOU or I, one, can't control a what you refer to as a "Small life" any more than one can control a "large" life is my experience. I have the most puney life that has been out of control for most of it, and I crashed and burned in an attempt to control it. Size doesn't matter in this instance. ?

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