Abraham Hicks Learn To Trust And Let Things Happen

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uhadme says:

correct, learn to trust all men and let me take everything you own, just let it happen.

DeeAnn Carpenter says:

I need suggestion to get out of my anxiety mode, have so much to do in my business. I am a one person business owner. I understand my worry thoughts get in the way of what I want to happen.

Greta Arleen says:

wow!!!!!!!!! i get it! focus is the key i have not been giving myself

Sunflower Feminine says:

Making peace with where I am!

Ruth Nodel says:

Ohm Shanti Shanti Shanti

Ruth Nodel says:

All is in Divine Order!
My daily Mantra/affirmation!
I am grateful for all my blessings!
I chose to see the good!

Holly Munford Bloe says:

Great hahaha! Love UKULELE HOLLY

Polina GK says:

This is incredible. Having been taught all my life something like "working hard is the only way, if you're not working hard, the result is unworthy etc" now this piece of information is a blessing. I literally feel loosening up and relaxing in such a profound way.

Sandra Lindqvist says:

Love you Esther Hicks!! ❤️????✨✨✨✨✨

Brenda Morris says:

May I please request input on suggestions in developing an authentic program for kids with lots of conditions and teaching them how to navigate and love themselves. The school shooters cried out before they got stuck but no program exists for them to be chosen by them. Anyone who wants to work on this with me just because it's fun and easy and it will explode in beautiful creation? I'd like co creators.

Nalini Singh says:

I Trust ,I Believe God is good ,thank you for post love yo all .

pthack t. says:

Superrrrrb… thankyou!

Adriana Evseev says:

Thank you ????????????????love and blessings

Jakki France says:

Thank you this was massively beneficial for me totally turned my life around ! Downstream all the way for me now, going with that flow and totally at peace ♥️

Syed Siraj Rizvi says:

Let me be the bold one and probably the only controversial one on the comment list… just for the heck of truth… I wanted to say-mention a few things after listening to this entire audio. Firstly, law of attraction is the biggest scam motivational market has ever used to bank their money because people rather run away from personal growth and listen to some alluring hopeful delusional talk instead of doing the soul-protecting work. People like her sound better because facing real life challenges sounds bitter than better. But, with courage, guts, pain and faith I rather swallow the bitter and learn from it to grow wise and increase my personal growth to gain my truthful sight that is supreme than entertain myself and waste my precious 14:05 minutes to escape life into fantasy delusional land of illusion. Lastly, if a person asses and evaluate their internal psychology with sincerity, they will learn that speaking from guts to protect their personal truth and voicing their inner emotion will not only protect their integrity and self worth … which by the way is the key ingredient to success and wealth but over time it will also increase the level of your energy. Having real energy and plenty of it is the answer to all happiness. Energy also translates the manifestation of money. Whatever you carry in your inner world will only reflect outside onto your outer world. Less energy means poverty and more energy means abundance. When protect the inner person, it return it gains you plenty of energy from the source known as God Particle and that is your peace and inner satisfaction…. the only treasure you ever want to earn. The rest is nothing but an illusion and deception, including this video just like the earth itself which maybe all that pretty on the outside but filled with nothing but fire and molting lava on the inside. Test your fears and speak up and stand for the person that resides in your body known as the soul.. and respect and protect it each day and watch your life change in front of your eyes. It’s all about feeling good and that’s all there is to it! Your soul has all that stored for you. Just grow some courage or my brother would say “balls” and speak up for what and how you feel on the inside. Express yourself to your challenges and people associated and watch the miracle! Love and peace to all of you! It’s not about being negative and positive so don’t judge me. It’s all about speaking your truth, therefore, I have spoken mine.. peace!

Conscious Fit Collective says:

Never hold on too tightly. Always accept and allow your blessings to come in. Holding on too tight to something or someone creates blockages as you are vibrating within the vibration of lack, because there is underlying doubt and/or fear of losing what you already have. One must have gratitude for what they already have as well as accept and allow the Universe to deliver ????✨ A very powerful affirmation in this case is: Everything is always working out for me.

Cary Barnes says:

You are amazing, superb and brilliant, you are a prophet you truly are, and have become part of my tapestry of spiritual growth in my life, thank you so so much, I am indebted to you 🙂 Namaste

Sayeta Zonen says:

I’m going through this period where I feel like I should be doing more, but I definitely trust Universe. No doubt about that one.

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