Abraham Hicks ~ In 2019 Listen to this every night before bed ❣ no ads

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Amadeus Waters says:

I am RICH in 2019 and beyond!

Maggie Powell says:

Being shouted at by Abraham’s preachy voice and manner is the last thing I want to listen to at bedtime ! She provokes severe anxiety talking at people like this . Much prefer Louise Hay – truly loving and giving

Ultimate Psychology says:

"I pushed the reset button."

Loma Fellows says:

Most all, I love knowing — for sure — that Source adores me, and that my Inner Self AND that the non-physical Beings NEVER take their attention away from me, that they are ALWAYS consistently aware of me and placing cooperative components on my path and in my vortex. But when Abraham tells us, "Source adores you!" . . . well. That was a huge and shocking surprise, and knowing that gives me a feeling of worthiness and security and Love not findable anywhere else. I experience, "There is great love for you here, always — with stars in my eyes. It changes everything, when I know that.

Suketa Patel says:

I LOVE THIS. Working on new Imprints. This is perfect.?Blessings of the frequency of Gold!

tassino Smith says:

I love this wow

G moulli says:


world zulom says:

everybody just wants money lol…

MISSY UK says:

❤❤❤❤❤ thankyou

Kevin Freckleton says:

I love that i am loved

holger druide says:

Ich bin Abraham Hicks Listen To This EvERY NIGHT IN 2019

Aboflah Aboflah says:

I have access to infinite intelligence now and for always ?❤️

Cho'bbles says:

I was sent to the hospital today because of high blood pressure. Apparently I had horrible anxiety that created a spike in my heart rate. I knew it was a way to make me become
Present ?. More intuned with my now

Junie Khoo says:

I love this! Thank you so much with love, Abraham??

Rameth Rameth says:

I like these meditations they are the good ones to me as they use "I" not "you" always seems daft to me when im listening to audio affirmative type meditations and i hear the voice in my head talking about you (which is someone else) but thats just me perhaps, thanks for post – downloaded 🙂

dan says:

I needed this

seeker says:

WOW WOW WOW?????????

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