Abraham hicks – How thoughts turn into things / No ads during

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Ron Madden says:

Trust this… immerse your self in these teachings and you will be amazed! Thank you WA for producing this video!

Molly Patrick says:

I've been following abraham for 3 yrs ,
The first yr immersed myself because I was at the lowest point ever . what I've found is she is ? right . I've tested the law of attraction and it works perfectly . I thought I wanted a rich boyfriend , turns out $ doesn't mean that much to me , those wealthy men I met were complete ass's ? but the fact that I focused on that desire and received it within 3weeks clarified how this work's ❤??

Asenath Cassel says:

This is a powerful message! Abraham Hicks uses analogies that each and everyone of us are familiar with and know to be true! This message is a powerful tool for you to use every day in every way!

Ladig yasoul says:

Omg. Fav Video!!

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