Abraham Hicks – Guide Your Thoughts

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PRHILL9696 says:

Wow people are that silly they actually think that their mind and/or the universe is that stupid that it actually believes that by saying you have wealth and this and that it doesnt know you are lying LOL Oh and what a perfect convenient excuse that the reason we dont remember these others lives and that we have this so-called power is that we are forced to forget it all!  Wow not only is that evil and makes no sense but what a perfect excuse to maae while scamming people

My goodness Barnum was right a sucker really is born every minute!

BTW Science, Reality prove we all evolved  from apes, we live one time only then we all die, the end. The universe is not a conscious thing, it does not know or care about us and we cannot control it or reality in any way at all. Those are the facts.  

People who cannot handle this reality have tried for centuries to pretend in mumbo jumbo as they feel it gives them comfort when in reality all it does is screw them up and make them miserable in the end which is sad. Especially because they are forced by these teachings to remind themselves each day what they desire but dont have I mean how cruel!

Resie Gube says:

love this one

Ramazan Delos santos says:

Yeah thats right

RoseEllen carlson says:

need to be happy if things aren't where your desire is at

RoseEllen carlson says:

good video to push towards your desires

RoseEllen carlson says:

into the vortex out perhaps in the bank

RoseEllen carlson says:

guiding your thoughts to desires become manifested

RAD CAT says:

amazing video! love it!

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