Abraham Hicks – Expect It In Order To Receive It

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roy york says:

Alignment with your ( Silent Mind ), Not the ( Words ) we Think. peace ????????????????

Kiara Haney says:

Thank you so much for posting. This is fantastic information across the board!

Rosellen Carlson says:

Iam striving more each day

Rosellen Carlson says:

Let things flow to you

Rosellen Carlson says:

Need to be yourself not others want you to be.

Rosellen Carlson says:

Count my blessings more to come any time

Rosellen Carlson says:

The universe has my back more each day

Rosellen Carlson says:

I remember the toaster with the electricity

Rosellen Carlson says:

I. Have something I want to change which will help all of us

Rosellen Carlson says:

Meditate on what makes you feel good about

Rosellen Carlson says:

Things always work out for me

Rosellen Carlson says:

Focus your thoughts to the possible for which is best for you not by others

Rosellen Carlson says:

Expect some thing to come that's going to be great

Jakob Schwab says:

????Here’s a mini practice to help raise your vibration:????

Breathe steadily and imagine your breaths going in and out of your heart space.. that it!
After a few of these I feel much better. Hope this helps love and light to all ????:)

Jakob Schwab says:

Your power is in your happy! Being in alignment consistently has allowed me to live my truth and help others do the same!! Thank you for sharing:)

Berta Andrade says:

Nice thanks ????????????????????

Go Deep With Love says:

I shared this Abraham Hicks YouTube on my personal Facebook publicly. I LOVE YOU ABRAHAM HICKS, Ester for choosing to be the You you are!!! I appreciate being able to glean from the Truth!!! Yay!!! Life!!!! YAY SOURCE!!! ????????????????????????????????❤????????

Marta Novak says:

Thank you I really needed to hear this. I always believed it was so, but my sorroundings thought differently and I let myself be influenced of their disbelievs. Now I am going to stick to my inner being. Thank you for the confirmation.

Nafisa Paruk says:

Thank you Abraham

Edenic Ananya says:

very important segment

Asia T. says:

Thank you ❤

Jules Harger says:

You feel so AWESOME!! And everything is in alignment and u will have an fanonimal night!!! This so w works!! U learn ur power! Just follow your energy cause the effects are GREAT! Thank you Abraham!????????

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