Abraham Hicks ~ Every Moment Is A New Starting Point

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Juba Salossi says:

Abraham. From which planet you are from?

Flerida Lara says:

Wow these cartoons really put some things into perspective 😂😂 when waking up “I remember I am sad” lmao that’s funny now looking at it but boy is so real some days

Elizabeth Long says:

☼..thank you

sally prunier says:

I will see myself on a abraham cartoon. ❤

Luna Luna says:


UncompressedWAVmusic says:

Funny and profound.

Shana G says:

The animation in this video made my day!! I love this. Thank you 🙏

Gloria Abagye says:

Thank u Abraham amazing teachering 👍🙏🙏

W.M. MaGustavo says:

Everything that we want already exists. It exists as a part of a parallel reality that we can move into over time (whether it's instantly or many instants). Everything is energy, vibrating at a different frequency. That which we want vibrates at the frequency of abundance which implies that we already have it. Everything that we want, we think we want it because it will make us happy. So really, we just need to get happy before what we want will come into our experience. In other words we need to get into vibrational alignment with the parallel reality we prefer by practicing our highest excitement and joy/happiness as often as we can because the reality we prefer resonates at that same frequency. We must have the will power and determination to ignore our current reality and imagine/feel into our preferred reality as often as possible. Peace

Teresa Stratton says:


Lynn Russell says:

Great! To be reminded every moment is a NEW and an opportunity to begin again 😉 thank you, All, and thanks so much for adorbs animation 😉 oxooo hugs atchu 😉

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