Abraham Hicks/Esther Hicks ? Believe It and It Will Come ? No Ads During Video ?

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thestarsmydestinyy says:

I love you for eternity

unionironjosh says:

I believe my soulmate will come back. Just need more patience.

Claire Bear says:

Yo I cracked up 0:55

Anna Alhourani says:

Wow I love this woman ♥️ she says it all

You Tube says:

2019 IS the year that were are going to win the lottery, buy that 9 acre piece of land, build our dream home and retire 🙂
Law of Attraction states you must be happy, you must be in a good mood and of good spirits, appreciate what your have, think positive with NO doubts and believe that what you have in your vortex, you will receive …
On new years day 2019 i woke up i a GREAT mood, i was happy, full of joy, new year, new me. Everything felt GOOD. The entire day was awesome. Jan 2nd i woke up, still in a great mood, everything felt good, jumped in my car, cranked up the radio and FELT the music in my body, i was moving to the music, singing along… feeling GOOD and POSITIVE and my soul felt GOOD ….
Get to a stop light and looked over to the right and saw what appeared to be a homeless lady walking down on the sidewalk and she was yelling or arguing with …..????? …. someone, guessing her imaginary friend or whoever she was arguing with. Within a split second ALL my energy was drained down to nothing… I lost all my joy, my good vibes went down, i lost the feeling to the music, the music did not appeal to me anymore. Its like i just lost all my energy and the rest of the day was down …
To this day i cannot replicate New years day or the morning of Jan 2nd until the point i saw this lady. Its like she was a massive vacuum to remove all happiness and joy from those around … I don't understand HOW or WHY this happened … It is now Jan 5 and i still cannot duplicate the greatness i experienced on Jan 1st or the morning of Jan 2 …

Suzana Moreno says:

Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful teachings of Abraham Hicks. Thank you Esther Hicks for translating Abraham Hicks. ??????????????

Headphones Jeff says:

Loove the thumbnail too

HALU.777 LOVE says:

I Love you abrhame ❤

Giverney. * says:

Loving the awesomeness of Abraham!! XXX

Rae K says:

Thanks for the video and no ads!

The Stacy Foster Show says:

Abraham is awesome!

Lisa Marie says:

Feel good always focus on gratitude ???

Lindsey Churchill says:

Thank You : )

Effie Simms says:

Too many cars in too many places! #problemgoals ???

Easter says:

…like a diamond in the forest

Tari Ferrie says:

Super great.

Gammy Pat says:

I love you Abraham!

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