Abraham Hicks – Esther Connecting With Jerry

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LINDA Brunson Smith says:

So Love this…….thank you for the blessing…..Nameste……

Aoibheann Doyle says:

Beautiful! Bright Blessings to Esther and Jerry and Abraham

Marc S says:

I'm slowly losing faith….. Why would she start to cry…. Since it is Abraham speaking through her and therefore the feeling of lost has no relevance to the nonphysical being that Abe is. Plus crying is most definitely not being aligned with source…..

Mark Manohar says:

<– me too…

Mark Manohar says:

Thank you so much for uploading this . My heart feels overwhelmed with Love for Esther, Jerry, Abraham, and all of you who watch these vid's like me.

trudy corrigan says:

Thank you.. You are a beautiful soul, & have helped me…xXx…

Sylvie Chamberland says:

purest Love I have witnessed with my ears and through my heart….all IS well 🙂

Nadine Gerszewski says:

Totally agree with you and very well put!

Nadine Gerszewski says:

loved this so much.

Shh9319 says:

So beautiful!

Footenmouth says:

Seth spoke of the benefits of crying as release, balancing, etc., including men. Just sayin' . .

Kelly Campbell says:

I love Esther! And I was on the beach a few days ago enjoying it when my mom sent me a ladybug on my towel. I knew it was her right away. It was the perfect timing and plus how common is it for ladybugs to be at the beach and hang out on your towel? 🙂

TheNoCoincidence says:

bashar (also channeling..one of the greatest besides abraham) says crying is a release of beliefsystems that dont serve anymore..and he says that there is also a physical part in it because literally the physical manifestation of that belief on a atomar level leave the body through tears….

MsGlamourcat says:

Wow! I was crying from the start to finish of that but I really lost it toward the end… I've "lost" many loved ones too and as much as my grief is healed I still felt Esther's pain… :'( ♥

Benjamin Reynolds says:

I wouldn't say misses in the enduring sense, but in the moment she experienced that point of emotion yes.

Peach Butterfly says:


Girlyfish68 says:

WOW! I am sitting in my pool of tears overwhelmed with emotion. Don't you just want to hug Esther, in all her brilliant humanness? I sure do, and am. Indeed very moving clip. Thank You so much for uploading this. My heart feels overwhelmed with Love, for Esther, Jerry, Abraham, and all of you who watch these vid's like me.

MARY-ROSE macleod says:

so poignant..thanks

bach3lor3tt313 says:

bless her heart xxx

mmerwin52 says:

Love you Esther, Love you Jerry,

MyFistFullOfDollars says:

Anyone have the video to this?

MultiMilvi says:

Lots of Looooveeee & Light to Esther!!!!!

willie otoole says:

I think Jerry might have something in common with Elvis – he could end up being worth more dead than alive… El had the Colonel… Jerry has Esther..hmm… probably not the sort of comment people who watch these things want to hear but I bet the income from 'signed' copies is astronomical and you can bet your life there will be much more merchandising to come.

thiery572 says:

Clear enough she still misses him….

anka8unicorn says:

I remember a dream I had as a very young woman: my boyfriend had died and I was grieving so much I thought I'd die myself. Everybody else was struck with grief, too. The strange thing was, that he was still here. I could see him, hear him. Even smell him sometimes. But stubbornly I would suffer with this horrible, heart wrenching grief over a loss that – on some level – didn't occur. This video reminds me of that dream. Thank you for posting.

Donna Angus says:

Moving video. I knew the last line before she said it. We humans don't KNOW that our loved ones move with us, around us and inside of us as we go thru our lives. There is a thing (for lack of a better word) that you know but when you know that you know something then it is pretty powerful for humans.

Silver7eyez says:

It's overwhelming love from the otherside…that is what makes you tear up the most when you channel people who are at peace. Trust me, I know 😉

Napoleon Hill & Abraham says:

i was very very moved by this clip yesterday "what do yo uthink this is – this is source energy flowing with you in your moment"@6.29 i love the we would be called "jester", "if you have jerry's name in your book it was esther who put it there, esther always signed for [email protected] so i am back today and i am moved by the ink going on the page and milking it for my highest capacity to feel, waht is so moving about that moment, is it esther her love her kindness her devotion what is it? ty post.

Napoleon Hill & Abraham says:

you have got to be able to tell if you are moving in the right direction, there will always be eternally glorious new expansion from the new platform and are the bugs in the eyes of the dog always worth the risk of the ride? well what would get me in full synch with my vortex from here?
i would like to have a book signed by esther and jerry for the fun of it and the thrill of it, thanks for posting this amazing clip, i lvove best that abe know they are way over time!

glasstangerine says:

I cry every time I hear this clip. <3 ( happy cry )

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