Abraham Hicks ~ Don't Try To Improve Your Reality, Just Daydream

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Universal Humanism says:

I love that we are an extension of source energy! Much love Abraham and Esther.

John Adams says:

When I first seen that title "Don't Try To Improve Your Reality, Just Daydream" I thought it was a joke. Haven't listened to the video I realise it is a joke. Why not tell people to just sit in front of the TV for the rest of their life. If you're going to live in dream land you may as well be dead.

Simon Wells says:

Even if your dreams do come to fruition reality is still going to enter it, regardless of the highlights.

Ann Murray Mcblain says:

I feel so GOOD BUZZING for life n hearing you MAKES IT realx

Ann Murray Mcblain says:

Thank you SO MUCH I THOUGHT At the beginnings I was going crazyxxxx

Michael Smith says:

She's actually talking to me woah!!!

Pamela Tcharkovski says:

For me Step 3 is meditation and expectation. In “Ask & It Is Given” you write, “What you expect, you get.“ So in step three, I trust and have total faith in the wonderful, incredible Spirits I am so blessed to have supporting me. With their support, I am able to say to myself, “ I expect light, love, & joy! “. (That is ultimately the world I want to live in.). And by saying that throughout the day (as much as I can), that is what I look for & notice. I love you God. And I thank you so much Abraham. I love you.

Gisela-Victoria Schoefer says:


Mindset & Self-Mastery says:

We all got a creative mind and infinite potential. We've simply been conditioned to be stuck in a reactive state (fear) and accept countless negative ideas while we can rewire ourselves and create a powerful state that becomes our normal way of being. Stay blessed 🙏

Maggie Montero says:

I guess the most waken up people have their moments. Kind of like when Jesus was questioning the meaning of it all. 😫😂

d_litefulgyal says:

✨Love it ! 🎼✨Dreaming about something 👏🏾 and 👏🏾 someone !✨👏🏾

Jason Lieberman says:

I bet at an Abe event, you can tell who else watches these videos on YouTube when they're the only other people who don't laugh at the "ask and it is given" joke because we've heard it here like 50 times 😎

Sabrina Nascimento says:

Be positive and affirming. Step into no resistance. Meditation 🧘‍♂️

SideTrekCycling says:

Yea!!!!!! Resonates with my questions today

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