Abraham Hicks – Do This Every Morning for 17 Seconds , Powerful Manifestation Tool

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Ginger Maynor says:

One thing I take away from this is that we do not bring negativity or badness into our life. Rather, when something happens, it becomes negative or positive or neutral by how we react, experience with it, and process it. Our choice.

Lala Meme says:

Mannnn it’s still important to accept and love the negative emotions, I have found this very healing also. Shadow work AND positive focus equals double whammy yes yes yes

terry ellis says:

Does anyone know what workshop this audio clip is from? So that I may listen to the rest of this ?

Vistula Gibson Cooper says:

You are very confusing. Every time I've listened, IT SOUNDS LIKE JIBBERISH. Sorry.

Elizabeth Tackett says:

Thank you I'm in Agreement happy new year🌷

Juanita Mullen says:

Thank you! Jordan speaks highly of you! Glad I found the video.🐞🌹( – :

nerys mancebo says:

Thanks so much for this video,
Keep it coming dear Universe, I am loving these teachings and the good things it brings me.

Kimmy Queen says:

Her name is Esther… her husband is Jerry… so uhm…

Berta Nelson says:

Abe-Hicks’ teachings are aligned with Deepak Chopra’s. Explanation & words are different. Intent the same. Our reality comes from within.

Sampan Grover says:

Does this law of attraction works on heath too?

bindu s m says:

I’m finding difficult to understand

0213mrdinero Z says:

How can I stop all my fears?

matthew king says:

love her messages

D D says:

I am binge watching and I am an up and coming motivational speaker …I will meet this awesome woman within the next year!! Watch

Keira jenner says:

I'm pretty good with imagining things. I can do this for hours 😂😂😂 imagining my life the way I want it to be.

Joan Stevens-yates says:

This is so biblical you have not because you ask not as a man thinketh so is he faith without works is dead

Debra Elkins says:

Sometime I feel like I am in a constant running of the Bulls😈 sometimes falling down and getting trampled. But then I get back up and keep running.

yousuf albaloosh says:

Okay this is good 👍 👍 👍

Jameses Dean says:

Skip to 2:17

Tracy Tracy says:

This lines up with the word of God. Hebrews 11:1 amplified version

Amada13C says:

I am listening to these teachings since some days and they make me feel good. There is only one thing that bothers me… if someones child is diagnosed with a disease or somebody gets sick doesn't that bring guilt on them, I mean wouldn't they feel guilty of having caused this?

nagiasweetnice says:

I'm practicing this today..

Jody Qureshi says:

I love this but a few things bug me. if a lady is happy and is walking and gets raped and murdered did she manifest that. And abused children do they manifest the abuse? I'm not being snarky just really would like to know.

Margaret Kazmierczak says:

Can't see here anything to do for 17 seconds…and the woman talking on this recording has not nice tone of her voice….
and links below to sell the books
money made  on idiots following this pseudo-spiritual stuff

Denise Hunter says:

Boom I finally got it. I have the desire. Then I align Myself with that desire. As I already have it. I feel that's it's so now. Then Laws of Attraction bring it to Me. I'm the Author of My Life. This worked Beautifully for Me this morning. My Ex & I have been divorced for 23 yrs. We spent Thanksgiving with our Children& Grandchildren. Something that had never been done since our divorce. Today I was listening to this video. And @ lightbulb went off in my head. The reason I hadn't heard anything else from him was. I was not in alignment with what I wanted. But what I didn't want. This is the absolute truth. While I was rolling this understanding around in my head. He 📞 Me & said I'm outside your house. OMG This really works. Thank you, Thank you

Guia Interior says:

Today I asked my Inner Being where I was going wrong with my manifestation and this just answered all I needed to know. Thank you for uploading! 🌈✨

David Roman says:

She loves me as much as i love her,i am going to be a milionaire by the age of 25 and live with her in a big mansion.

Dennise Ryder says:

I am doing this but sometimes I find I cry … what is happening to me? Can someone shed some light, please??

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