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Gods daughter777 says:

Ephesians 4:14 ESV

So that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.

Jeff L says:

What a bunch of horseshit


Getting rid of distractions like Facebook and Instagram is critical to being successful.

Seek The Messiah Media says:

Great way to start off my greatest year yet!💪🏾 2019 is my year. I’m not just talking the talk. I’m gonna execute my plan and achieve what I set out to achieve!🙌🏾✨

Elyse Marie says:

This is…such bologna. My ex husband used to tell me "the law of attraction" forced him to cheat on me. New age crap. Life and death is in the tongue. That's biblical. This is nothing new. This "law of attraction" is giving people excuses to hurt others.

Neo universe says:

You cannot approach a problem with the same thinking that created it and expect different results, law of attraction is the problem because it appeals to greed and lack, where as the solution is not to teach people to want, want, want, but to teach them, compassion, empathy and unconditional love.

Neo universe says:

WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH, Most people's subconscious mind is 95-99% negative and therefore your main vibration is 95-99% negative and the world you perceive is a reflection of that, your conscious mind is the 1-5%, now think about that, when you think positive conscious thoughts and say affirmations etc, 70,000 thoughts per day and most are unconscious and are manifesting 99% of your life and you call it fate or karma, THEREFORE the real way to create what we NEED, may it be health, peace, happiness, joy etc, is by transforming the 90-95% negative unconscious which consists of negative emotions, beliefs and trauma and as we heal trauma the negative decreases and in turn the positive vibration within us increases, this is the meaning of the yin and Yang and being an alchemist, transforming the negative into positive so that eventually, our subconscious will be around 10% negative or less and our main vibration will be 90% positive or more and then the world will become a reflection of that, see the truth is actually more simpler than you realise, but the technique to transform the subconscious, raise your vibration and consciousness isn't easy, because it requires facing our shadow side and healing on deeper levels, which takes time, practice and revisiting past trauma, so I get why people prefer law of attraction escape techniques, positive thinking, affirmations, Ayahuasca, cannabis and meditations, but that is spiritual bypassing and a defense mechanism of the ego and one thing I know for sure and so do the many clients I have awoken to a higher understanding and healed, is that you cannot escape your shadow side forever, where do you think disease manifests from, think about it, you don't need any outside teacher, because only you know you, your past, your experience and feelings are yours and your path to walk alone or with a trained healer or psycoanalyst that knows you, because all the keys to perfect health and self discovery are already inside you, use them and trust in your own inner knowing and know that all you perceive is rooted from an unconscious level and as you heal, your PERCEPTION, awareness and understanding will change, therefore the only way to inner peace is by surrendering to healing and self discovery, it is futile to try and control it, or force things to change like uneducated, unhealed YouTubers because they are simply lost in there ego also and see life through there unhealed PERCEPTION therefore what they tell you will misguide and deceive. Change accur's when you change, look within and you will see that what you seek is seeking you, know that you are exactly where you need to be and all the pain and suffering was chosen as a way to awaken to the truth of one, use it and freedom will be attained and all your needs will be met, forget about what you think you can attract because that will just bring you more suffering, turn your focus on what you can create, shine light in your darkness and watch your light grow within and without, it is then that you will discover you are already perfect, with all your so called mistakes and flaws because they are and will be your greatest and only teachers and when you find true gratitude in that, it will create the perfect life for you, the only action you need to take is getting to know yourself and excepting all parts within and without, we are all fragmented children looking to be whole and through intergration of the shadow that will be attained and the true meaning of heaven will present itself to you.

Adzima Blezzed says:

All we need to succeed is around us…pray for the eyes to see them n make good use of them…all the best

Nippon Supanya says:

Once we are understand more about life then we will pay more attention into focus on attraction because we don't wanna waste our time for nothing and that's the point. That's why we need to pay attention more focus into our life and Achieve our goals.

Unknown says:

i'm wasting my time listening to this can somebody just donate me at least 10k money?

Unknown says:

i wanna be successful guys help me out

Outsmart & Outwork says:

When we will understand that behind our action, at a certain point there was a thought, we will completely changed our lives.
The quality of our attention betters our awareness and this is how we make progress in this direction.
Excellent video!

Dick Tator says:

I don't have laptop and many other things to start my dream with and I'm about to throw all these fkn phones away and blow up that fkn city does that sound good no so I know the dream.is a fun reality where is a fun human stop with the bit emails period and lotteries dash to doors fake jobs let's focus alight. Someone man the Fuk up or woman up and reach out not is a sly way either. Sorry but enough is enough this is all I got bc I invested in this for my future and daughter and family, so let's kick that off today….Or I may

The Journey Of Success says:

Great Sr ❤️❤️
My channel is also growing up ❤️❤️
Thanks ❤️❤️

Happy Facts Lifestyle - Live Your Dream Life says:

When you focus you activate the reticular activating system, meaning your awareness is heightened in relation to what it is you focus on. When your awareness is better, you'll see more opportunities to make your dream reality too

Chubi_17 says:

I wish you all the best for 2019. You hold the key for your success.
Please be humble.

Celebrate The Success says:

Very Very Happy New Year Guys…👍

Bhavana Pratapani says:

3 happy new year 2019

Chingy3ade says:

1st…Happy New Year 2019

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