Abraham Hicks – BE NICE TO YOURSELF and Others Will Follow

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redbrian3655 says:

I am LMAO because this hot-seater never finishes his sentences! 8:27 "Your Inner-being has walked in your moccasins through all your incarnations; your Inner-being is aware of everything you've ever lived, every combination of everything you have ever lived, and your Inner-being adores you in a way that there are not descriptive words to describe it"-profound yet simple nugget'… put THAT on a bumper sticker!

ammar350z says:

Wooooohoooo you made it to 100k subscribers congrats

una anthony says:

Only once I feel that I have to remove myself Im Gone I love care ❤ xoxox where I flow to.

Sheri Davis says:


Nane says:

"I'm a human being, not a human doing – so being is just fine."

Lindsey Churchill says:

Thank You : )

an angel's kiss in spring ღღ says:

0:34, 4:05

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