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Joe Olivas says:

Love I appreciate all this thanks for being concerned sweetie I love you hun nothing wrong about any of this it's not that I'm not motivated or hesitating or procrastinating or anything like that the goals I've chosed this year are going to happen it's just it's gonna fall into place I'm sorry hun I don't no how to really explain it but I'm gonna try my love my plans are all going to pan out I've been working on what I can do first I went to the dentist yesterday they told me there gonna fix my top teeth but they gotta make sure my insurance is gonna work so they told me to Waite to hear from them it could be two to three weeks before they get ahold of me I no I have insurance so I'm on stand still with that because I have to Waite for them to call so we can schedule the appointment then the other thing I'm doing that's my other goal is I'm getting my apt next month I gave them the money already for them to save it for me I paid for the background check and I passed I'm good to go the only thing that I'm waiting on on that is for the people who were living there before me to leave they got there thirty day notice so they have to be out so that way I can move in I went to the houseing and did that the apt I'm moving to the lady told me she already set a date for the housing to go inspect it before I move in so I'm waiting on that and my goal as far as truck driving is on a little hold but I've been working on that to in the mean time I've been studying I've been talking to different people on the phone me and Sarah my lady from codac are researching on all of that because I don't want to make a bad choice on what school or company to work for and put myself in a situation I gonna regret so me and Sarah or researching stuff making calls to see which one is the best decision however my love ?? in the mean time I haven't started school for that reason and because I want to get all my stuff in the apt out of the storage once my stuff is in the apt and I get that done then I'm going to school for my CDL and I won't have all this stuff to do get overwhelmed stressed out stuff like that I'm working on all three of my goals I just don't want to get overwhelmed with all of it once I in my apt then I'm done with one goal then I will no what school I'm gonna choose to go get my CDL go to it get my CDL and that goal will be done and by that time the dentist should be getting ahold of me and then I'm getting my teeth fixed that's my third goal so my love I've been handling business nobody nos what I'm doing they think I'm just hanging out and playing games and that's ok everyone has a right to there own judgement of me but that's why I ain't saying nothing because I don't want to react with and to conflict my love in the mean time I'm staying place to place trying to stick it out I'm staying with Gilbert right now I've been cleaning his yard I fixed the holes in his floors one in his bedroom the other in the bathroom one in the living room I cleaned his house completely for his CPS inspection by the way my love he passed with flying colors lol???the lady came over to check his house and she was really happy she said the floors were great who ever did them and the house definently looked amazeing that it looks way better then the last time she came he passed she left Gilbert was happy she was happy so that made me happy Gilbert kept thanking me and telling me he loved me I told him I loved him and he nos I got his back there's just a little stuff I'm working on other things to do like I'm saying my love everyone has a right to there opinion I'm ok with whateve I'm sorry for all this writing I love you my angel god bless you and have a wonderful day my love?❤️??????????

savanna love says:

Sending love beautiful people 🙂

April Nevels says:


The Benjamin says:

Are they writing a new book? It seems they've been saying as much for the last few years.

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