Abraham Hicks 2020- Asking The Universe With 100% Success! (Law of Attraction)

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Jill HHB says:

the ending was the most fun ever!

Everything Under the Hawaiian Sun says:

The audio on this is messed up at the beginning

A Pilot's Journey says:

Could someone please help!! Lol i cannot catch the word he says when he asks the first question…."one is…I…." What is the word that follows? Thank you in advance!! 🙂

gabs32100 says:

the second guy is a drone, stop rambling about what your wife wants and start thinking for yourself

Sonja Ullman says:

Thank you! That just confirmed me beatyfully #SourceArtBySonja

Theresa Mae says:

Great clips, both old. Falsely labeled 2020

ina turcan says:

Use your imagination. In your mind's eye construct a scene when you and your wife are so happy that you have sold your works so easily and so good like: "I am so happy that we….. and she replying: yes, honey….." a short conversation between the 2 of you and feel the hug, the kisses,the happy faces…you from the first person…like an actor. Or other conversation.Trust that scene ,repeat it every night before you go to sleep over and over again until it feels real, and fall asleep in the satisfaction that it' done. Carry the feeling always within you, ignoring the curent reality. Live in the end.

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