Abraham Hicks 2019 ~ You can't serve two masters, pick one and let it be your inner being

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DJ ME says:

The husband should make the money he shouldn't expect his wife to go to work unless she wants to.

vanessa torluemke says:

Abraham, you’re speaking to me! Thank you! I was pursuing something, and it was not working out. I was miserable and conflicted. I thought I had to chose one over something else. Now, I realize I was limiting myself. Now I am doing what is most important to me and grateful. Lessons learned.

Wizzlepop9D says:

I serve the north pole and the south pole to exist on the equator.

I serve the hot and the cold to find warmth.

I serve both good and evil to find humanity.

I serve right and wrong to find survival.

Maryanne Gelsi-Perry says:

Yes! Exactly……. You can NOT serve two masters, let it be your inner being…..

Lindsey Churchill says:

Thank You : )

Serge Savel says:

Abraham is getting funnier😁❤️❤️❤️

Joy Is The Key says:

Happy Thanksgiving Dew!!!

Juls Orion says:

Most Excellent Abraham-Hicks Oneness and Esther!!! To the point.😇😍🙏🌈🌏🦋

Melisusy21 says:

Apparently, I told my sister about Abraham years ago but I don't recall and I never even studied this. Then years and years later…(now) I have rediscovered Abraham and I guess I'm ready for his teachings now. It feels like I just found out about it even though I knew of him years ago. Very strange how that happens.

tropicallime says:

I was there for this one and I didn’t get my 💿 for the longest time. I’m out of town now but hope it will be there when I get home.

Christina Lubumad says:

Wahahaha good for whoever bye 😆

jjintheflesh says:

This is exactly what I needed to hear! The universe really can deliver

gshipify says:

Thnx dewdrop!! So glad you're "back". Tho I attend when can & buy recordings & dvds for deeper learning, I love having quick segments handy on my phone & can count on u to post some bests of the best. Grateful appreciation!!!

Jean-Emile Idiart says:

HA ! HA ! HA ! HA ! I Pick the Nut !!!

Cheryl B says:

I came to YouTube looking for some Abraham fun, and this was the first thing in my Home feed… and it was exactly what I wanted!
Thank you dewdrop… again❣️👏🏻🌌🎁💖

Hatice Tavli says:

This was beautiful. I was there in person and now re listening helps a lot

Space for the Soul says:

9:50 you cannot serve 2 masters. Pick one. Let it be what you were born to accomplish

Space for the Soul says:

7:50 noo… The happier you are now the better will the next job feel to you.

Space for the Soul says:

5:45 what if you were in a job that also had positive aspects, because you like to feel good.

Space for the Soul says:

It's not like you're on the dock and missed the boat. There's another way, and another.. Your inner being is always there.

Test your Creations says:


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