Abraham Hicks 2019 ~ You are a deliberate creator and the Universe is at your command

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Surmayi - says:

This was so good I’m going to have to listen again – the momentum is fast in this one ! He’s up to speed 👏

Lee 1971 says:

“You will surely not die,” the serpent said to the woman.  “For the Lord God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and YOU WILL BE AS GOD".

Jaden Christopher says:

LOVE THIS! I'm so blessed to have been raised in the light of LOA and continue to manifest magic, love and beauty in my life and experience! ALL IS REALLY WELL 🙂

Travis Foulger says:


Jack Sparrow says:

she's a liar. plain and simple. when are people going to realize she's just selling hopium to the increasingly desperate masses? its an attempt at a new age religion of life coaching prosperity preaching ponzi scheme… people are moving from the abrahamic religions to the 'new' abrahamHicks church of wishful thinking religion lol. as if motivation was the only problem needing to be solved in the world… lmfao. no. but no wonder google promotes the hell out of her everywhere. more like the heads in the sand cult of selling nonsense to the gullible sheeple… but good luck with that 😏

Gem 1967 says:

Has anyone asked Abraham what's happening in our country …and the world?

Simply Connected says:

If it "feels good" do it ?

Kati Schmid says:

I wanted to write golden wisdom 9 hours before me I see "golden" . Pure LoA

whoopskaboom says:

Abe just keeps getting better & better & better! ❤️

Emmanuelle Denis says:

Isn't it just great that more and more people devote their life to being the best of themselves? 😍🌟

tally louise says:

Every time I hear the 5 steps in other words, it gets more inspiring, thank you. Much love, peace and namaste

Truth Seeker says:

I could listen to you all day, so glad you are spreading a positive ripple effect.

Robyn Evans says:

THANK YOU for this & for ALL that you create & share! Sending MUCH LOVE & GRATITUDE! 🤗💖
…coming STRAIGHT at ya' now, don't duck!😅

Jerry Mouse says:

Is that You are creators speaking to her?

Gail Moore says:

That was delicious!

Eng.Mariam says:

Amazing 💖💕

Cathi Burton says:

This was sooooo goood

Cathi Burton says:

Wow never thought of it this way!!! Good one!!!

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