Abraham Hicks 2019 ~ When you focus on the problem it only gets bigger

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Lindsey Churchill says:

Thank You : )

Cindy Harr says:

My pleasure *. I give all the glory to God ☦
Pure 💓desires passion
Focusing on problems drains our passions
Love the slide show 🌺🌸🌻🌹💟💛☕️
Choose fun freedom faith > positive vibration
Omg ‼️. Last few days I've been talking about
lil' OWL 😍. Been saying " "funny face "😍
I realize I'm not making much sense but I just
thought I would share that as the lil Owl showed
up here & it made me Smile 🤗. I'm feeling grateful
Happy Thanksgiving ☦💝😇 my friend -/ my soul
YOU are Always on My Mind 🎼
If I could Dream 🎵. I believe * 🎵
Don't Know Much 🎼. You Say * All my Life 🎼 Hallelujah
How great thou Art 🎼. I Can Help 🎤 Reach out to Jesus *
Anyone can fall in love with You. 🎼 * Let it be me 🎤
If it matters to you it matters to the master 🎵Just want you *
I Can Help 🎤. Please don't Stop Loving Me 🎼

Christina Lubumad says:

Why should I focus on something that I don't need it in my life . 😆

whosdatgirl1 says:

Find the path of no resistance x x x

annie mkhungo says:


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