#Abraham Hicks 2019 NEW – Love makes it manifest faster

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Lina _ says:

We are the chooser of where we want to be and LOA is the force that brings it to us

Ingrid Johansson says:

Start writing in a journal every day all the wonderful things you have received since childhood from the “small to large” things you have received. Feel your vibration increase?

Ingrid Johansson says:

Your vibrational “current’cy” is what you spend here on earth to get what it is want to have the life experience you desire?

Darren Davies says:

Inspirational! Thankyou! I am planning to travel to the US from Australia to see Abraham in person in mid-May. If anyone is able to to assist financially it would be greatly appreciated. If so please go to @t​ Thank you in advance and in appreciation!

Delacey Dobbins says:

I am here to be a witness!

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