Abraham Hicks 2019 // How To Show Yourself That You’re Able To Manifest? [NEW]

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Deborah says:

this is fantastic and applies to all conditions. Don't give up

Bianca says:

Absolutely wonderful❤❤❤

Anon Anonymous says:

I want to prove to myself

Alashea says:

Wow! I cried when I listened to this. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 7 years ago. Now my doctor is recommending deep brain stimulation, aka brain surgery. I told him no, I'm not going to do that. My symptoms began when I gave all my energy and focus away to my former husband, who ultimately left me for another woman. Maybe I predisposed or had a gene for it but I'm clear that the stress and grief I felt somehow awakened it. I know Abraham was talking to me. So tonight, as I fall asleep, I trust that help is on the way and the sensations I feel are Source on a cellular level. Amen.

Jessica De Feo says:


Jenilee says:

That was a smooth proposal ?? so cute

Em Angel says:

omg holy jesus crap god jesus holy this is the best segment ever of my life wow oh my god

Em Angel says:

WOW 11:00 WOW crie!!!!

Em Angel says:

this is so fresh wow. THANK YEWWWW 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂

zoof says:

I wasn't expecting such an upliftment WOW ❤️

SlimCity says:

Awww the ending was sooooo cute!

Daisy-Faery Magic says:

Best ever! So good!

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