Abraham Hicks 2019 – How To Open Your Eyes To See What Vibration Is Ahead Of You?

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G D says:

I could do everything I ever wanted to do in the Universe of Light as non-physical. No longer interested in the cycle of life and death anymore as physical beings. Been there done that so many many many many times…no longer going to be born just to die again.

nida nabeel says:

Plz Abraham upload something soothing on the topic of death when someone who u love a lot leave unexpectedly leaving us in chaos and emptiness

Sohaila’s HealthPhysique says:

Thanks~ Giving😘
Done with APPRECIATION only because I am expecting more!
Allowing my mode to BE in Praising because I KNOW there is continuously MORE to COME =“BE~COME”

Barbara Lin says:

Thank you so much
I love Abraham

RoseEllen carlson says:

Sometimes I have good vibrations a lot with others

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