Abraham Hicks 2019 // How To Make Things Different In Upcoming Year? [NEW]

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Toni Azzopardi says:

Omg Ester Hicks amazing [email protected]

Amazing Miracles says:

Thank you very much and Happy New Year! ❤️🌹

Agustin. N. says:

I’m side by side with my inner being in 2019! Thank you Abraham! 🦋💕 I can feel it.

Margaret Parkinson says:

I just love being in the vortex can't wait for 2019

C C says:

thanks for not putting a million ads

Mary Ellen Jones says:

Really Really Good.

Angelica Serrano says:

Last night I was asking, if I feel negative emotion, then how is my inner being looking at this?

This morning, I totally forgot about the question, and I see this new video that sounded interesting.

Of course, the answer was here.

Thank you for being a cooperative component and being inspired to posting the answer to my question!

Cocreating at its best 🙏💓

Cathrine II says:

Such a beautiful & meaningful segment for the New Year! Thank you!! May the New Year yield endless opportunities for everyone to appreciate witnessing how the universe is always working With us and For us💖

Rebecca Dushane says:

Thank you 💖✨

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