Abraham Hicks 2019 // How To Guide Yourself Towards Guaranteed Abundance?

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allisfaith says:

11:00 good stuff

Razzie B says:

Some quotes or almost quotes from Abraham ~

Be present in the moment so that your timing is good. Your inner being knows what’s in your way and how to guide you so that what’s in your way won’t be in your way.
Chill out and enjoy the twist and turns of the path.
Access the balance of your vibration through the awareness of your emotions.
They are strong indicators.
It is so joyful to want something that I don’t have and recognize that I’m not in the place of getting it and then do something about it and then get it.

You have to want to feel good and keep moving toward it.

There is only attraction. Ask why am I getting this?

What is your vibration?

Come from love.

Get in tune with who you are, in the morning. What am I evoking from you and attracting from me? It’s all a result of your vibrational output. You control that – in the driver’s seat.

It just gets better and better ❤️

Receive an impulse and follow it
The universe knows where you are – where he is and when to rendezvous

Eva Haxhia says:

I love the fine sense of humor in all exchanges ❤

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