Abraham Hicks 2019 – Give Yourself 10 Seconds And Prepare To Be Amazed! [GREAT]

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J Y says:

no , its not true .. they go back to trauma to get a full understanding .. you dont make this stuff go away .. there are deeper undercurrents you cant just happy happy away ..

Rayleen Marks says:

Wow there is nothing more to say

Timberwolf Powler says:

I'm an empath.. I can only suggest a course of ACTION, their action. Free Will acts in what others are used to. Baby steps for me are giant leaps across the Grand Canyon for them. Our experience can lead IF they choose to SEE. I cannot force anything. They are grownups.

Suckmy Bootyhole says:


David plummer says:

JP What an incredible segment of the workshop. Love it!

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