Abraham Hicks 2019 ~ Calibrate yourself to the beauty of this world and watch what happens

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N B says:

Thank you Dewdrop 🙏 This is amazing. I’m using segment intending more and more. I used Esther’s exact words this morning to segment intend before going out to water our lawn. I was outside for 5 mins and a magpie showed up to bathe in the spray from my hose. He then flew onto the clothes line to preen for a couple of minutes, and then back down to rinse off under the hose again. It’s never happened before. It was so delightful and adorable 💕❤️💕 Powerful stuff ✨

I-luv Halloween says:

🐰🥰💫 good timing

Ashley Eugene says:

This was so good I love the thought of calibration

R Dar says:

a gentle rampage. lovely.

April23sparkles says:

Perfect thank you so much for sharing 💕

Indu Rathnayake says:

I’ve heard that anyone who is not a vegetarian can never practice law of attraction and the universe will never help them if they eat dead animals . Please let me know if this is true and your take on this . Thank you 🙏🏻

Ms Wong says:

Why is nonphysical so impatient and rude to a man trying to express himself in a second language obviously having some difficulties???

Eternal Expansion says:

Wow, the best. I love this world we live in 💗💓💗

Mimi B says:

Really good! I've been doing this a lot lately

Sharon Chevalier says:

Getting out ahead of something, how that works, clicked for me listening to this. Calibrating is along the same lines. Really good. Thanks for sharing 🌈🦋💕

jjintheflesh says:

The pictures are so nice!

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