Abraham Hicks 2018 – Get Rid Of The Bad Energy!

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stdjmax says:

Very nice and it makes sense. I never understood one thing! For example if you buy a new car and you are super happy and appreciating it, you are more likely to make mistakes and attract bad luck, perhaps scratch it, bend it or someone will scratch it for you! For that reason our mind is trained to find the neg spots and keep you excitement down to avoid mistakes or bad luck.
From this video, I feel that perhaps contrast or clarifying is missing (step 5) in above case

Jasmine Calhoun says:

😲😲😲Wow.wow.wow. if THIS isnt talking to me right now🙈🙈😖😖 thank you Abraham/Esther 🙌🏽🙌🏽

Celisse Willis says:

How to control the things I can, let go of the ones I can’t & the courage to know the difference 👌🏼

Robert Brown says:

Does anyone else get annoyed with the person in the hot seat? This woman is incredibly unconscious.

Felisia Coleman says:

Thiis made so much sense.. because the expectation of negativity is connected to whatever we focus on in a negative way, we get negativity. So change the negativity connected to it to change the vibrational energy!!!!!! So thankful 💞

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