Abraham Hicks ~ 15 Minutes to Reach Perfect State Of Alignment ~ PRACTICE THIS

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lynn bond says:

Im gonna go on and give u a thumbs up for the answers.????????

LightsCamera Tamara says:

Yessss! I am a powerful women. Boxes checked!!

sazena says:

wow. brought me to tears at one point.

Mikayla MacAllister says:

Why would there be any thumbs down on such a positive message?

Jen Wren says:


Danielle Saffer says:

Yyyyeeeeeeeeeehhaaaaaaaa miss hicks….yeehaaa.xxx

Brenda Cooper says:

Love this!!!!

Kate Agbaje says:

U are more than u are…

back in the day says:

Thank you so much! This was me! I am 56 with no children. I am a powerful woman. My family does not like me being who I am . I am ready to be free and be who I am. Namaste ????❤️???? I am so grateful ! Thank you, thank you , thank you ❤️

S Moffatt says:

Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! This one brought tears. I 100% resonated with this. Powerful, simple and ACCURATE!!! I MUST GET MY ISH TOGETHER!

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