Abraham Hicks ???? The more you look, the more it becomes

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Sirisak Sirisak says:

See the world, see yourself, the more you listen, the more you understand. 'cause of lack of expirience, lack of maturity of receiptors ready to awareness.Like first time you start learning new language you can't catch their words at all .It take long time to catch them all. Other matters take into account as the same. Thank you so much sir.

Bih dick Nigha says:

I love you abraham

Eve Villanueva says:

My inner being knew me before I knew me!! Omg I LOVE my inner being so much now. I feel at ease and i trust my inner being in helping me manifest!! It all happening!! Its all making sense now!!! Thank you Abraham

Carol Loraine says:

I love your channel so much????
Thank you for making my day a whole lot brighter♡♡♡

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