Abraham Hicks ???? Let the Universe WORK things out for you – AMAZING [NEW]

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EN M says:

Joy resulting

Butterfly22 says:

I love the falling tree in forest analogy. I get it but my dad just doesn’t ????

Charlene Raphael says:

I love you Abraham Hicks ????….I'm healing everyday…just listening to you is just so awesome! Thank you ????????

Mrvvolf says:

Is it a good idea to take a nap if you're feeling insecure, we would be programming the insecurity

Beth Bartlett says:

Feeling is the ????
Emotions the indicators
Feeling generates the stronger vibe

Type of feeling the measure

Keep on top of where the thoughts are.
No to react
Yes to respond
Conscious Application of Thoughts

כוכבית ארכהן says:

Wonderful! Thank you!????

Roger Bryant says:

What's the formula…

mustang61 says:

Let the universe work it out

ally lycenko says:

I love listening to Abraham each morning. I really go into a special place. . Shame about the adds but I am even finding those nit as irritating any more

RoseEllen carlson says:

Focus of thinking positive with my work and goals

RoseEllen carlson says:

Thoughts turn to things

RoseEllen carlson says:

Focus of letting the universe work it out for you try a nap and meditate

Sheri Davis says:


Jennifer Collins says:

Thank You ❤️

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