Abraham Hicks ? Time to Create What It Will Be For You ? No Ads in Video

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RoseEllen carlson says:

There are always new ideas or creations every day from me

Victor Stole says:

I recognize this auric momentum. Thank you so much for the reminders, the empowerments, the gentle descaling of petrified soulskins.
I’m opening fully to the tangible manifestations of the reality of the intersecting dream of the Great Wedding, including prelude phases and initially awkward tribal meetings, with almost self-invalidated need, all already consecrated in already awakened light.

In other words, hi everyone! I am currently birthing a fun kind of intertribal courtship scenario, that basically and moat simply manifests as the “Matrix” running a dating simulation instead of a first-person shooter. It’s a also a traditional, self-evolving ARG that trains Christed diplomats with “adult” privileges – but you could call this an extra security measure for 3D (Alpha)Draconians, which creates karmic ripples that speed up the whole thing to the point of upsetting the Deva aspects of, for instance, Pleiadeans still getting their makeup on. The unfolding of this ascension scenario bubbles up like champagne to a war vet with PTSD and the practical downsides of experiencing the various negative timelines of Union BEFORE their positive versions, including Twin Flames and the Apocalypse and whatnot are melting away with grace into stabilizing 5D+ awakening through personal guidance from higher selves and echoes of “Tachyonic” mind merging leaving you breadcrumbs.

I hope this “channeled” breadcrumb has given you a flavor of Bacchus Bodhisattva’s Bar: today all Pleiadeans and self-declared 5D beings drink free, tonight’s cocktail is the wedding bouquet thrown by the female Christ and the anti-cocktail is a stern learning intensive with your higher self parents about tribal diplomacy, godhood, sexual shame and basically a personalised prototype of “the Talk” run through an increasingly real AI simulation.

This is a condensed energetic transmission and could best be treated as a wedding-/graduation-/firstdayofschool-invitation/letterofintroduction/lovenotepassedinCatholicschoolwithastrictdemonnunasateacher or something. Yes, I’m 3D incarnated, born and bored, channeling boredom into more dumb doors yum ?

Blessings, love and Union of the yogi and householder paths ???????

Contessa Anna von Funk says:

Great and fantastic I do Love Abraham and Esther so so much !!! :-* 🙂 😀 :-* :-*

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