Abraham Hicks ???? RELAX, IT'S COMING! ????

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jim allyn says:

Adjust your tuner to the station of elation! ????

Me says:

so ready to be hearing this…

Phillip Dhiamandis says:

I have a serius guestion , so we can manifest anything we like and make us happy right ? What about if we want to manifest something (e.x mabey ) that we gave to another person is this even a manifestation ???

diba afshar says:

For me there is no commercial ????

diba afshar says:

Why does she need to repeat one sentence 22 times in a row

John says:

Interesting videos. I wonder where they come from.

Riley Uskoski says:

Waaaaaay to many ads

saintjasin says:

There are no ad's in my vortex.

Petty World says:

Who can dislike this y’all can’t be in the vortex disliking the videos because of the ads watch it once then again and the second time there will be no ads! The message is so worth it! ✨✨✨???????? thank you this woman is heaven sent

Serendipidy Me says:

WOW! I counted 5 ads. Good message, too many interruptions

Erica Luyt says:

Are that many ads necessary?

M C Pazant says:

Too many commercials. Shame.

an angel's kiss in spring ღღ says:


Greg Kocis says:

“Never give up. Never let things out of your control dictate who you are.” ???? What is your main focus today?????

NaturalDivineGoddess says:

Really Good!!"

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