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Cindy Harr says:

She's all over the place … What do you want to know NOW ? Now now now ??? Next guy ~~ keep moving …
Muddy up the water that nice warm relaxing …. Serious Q !!?? Feeling Good doesn't Need justification .
Don't look for trouble . When trouble finds you know your limitations -/ boundaries & stay focused ~~
Trade in for Better …. ?!!!!!? Is this a pattern ? Habit ? Maybe from your unstable PAST > in which striped
you of your self esteem & self confidence …. Instability is farthest from tranquil , farthest from peace ….
Farthest from contentment …. farthest from Love ' . Why choose confusion , denial , misery when we can
live our lives in love ?. Far from all the pain . Love heals ~~~SELF WORTH is allowing someone to love you
whom understands , whom is trustworthy , whom is positive , passionate & loyal . No fear in loving faithfully
Activate your ❤️over your habits in you mind – less & less attention to thoughts of pain . CHANGE the PAST
Understanding the difference ~~~ move Forward ‼️‼️‼️ Self punishment ???. No More ‼️‼️‼️

Cindy Harr says:

I do t like to pass judgement nor negative comments but to be honest that Girl is a flake
She met a gorgeous man that woke her up & she's going to pick him apart & ask how to attract
someone else . Geez !! I'm sorry but she is immature & displays she is far away from commitment
Loyalty & knows nothing about being grateful ' Many are always thinking about taking in for something
better. Well if that is your mind set ~~ your blessings aren't appreciated & you will find yourself all Alone
Waiting for Perfect ' ????. I will be forever grateful for the journey God gave me the last 3& 1/2 years
I learned , & I loved like I never thought was possible ~~~ ?

Cindy Harr says:

Appreciation is about Affection / attentiveness
Thankful is feeling he is trustworthy & he treasures only me '
Grateful is knowing he is a Good man & shows respect . consideration
loyalty , making certain there is no doubts , confusion , mixed signals
what size ever about how He feels about me '
This man & I experienced " intimacy " that is unexplainable & that is the core
of everything that's most valuable ~~~ A serious question is about pain -/ gain
Once the Awakening of AWE the realization of romance is Time for commitment
Once it shows itself to you ( without looking for it ~ faith speaks to us ~ & the rest
of the journey is up to us ' …. I believe @ that Time in our lives We devote our time ,
energy , & faithfulness displays boundaries . We believe in blessings We believe in
The power of love ? Align actions to assure your intentions are sincere , respect
able & not only leaving the last to Rest but also never insult the One & only by showing
any of the above with anyone else . Why ? It's just Not classy ' it's rude . It's insulting , it's
a feeling of confusion ~~ it' displays total disrespect & lack of commitment . Leaving
the rarity of a Beautiful blessing to be unappreciated & taken for granted . Spiritual maturity
is Caring about the integrity of our Charter . Reputation has always been a vital topic in my
Up bringing . Handle with care ' Save your love for "1 " special person & never settle for crumbs
It's a Bible scripture : Know your Worth & never give away your affection & love to anyone but
The Chosen One ' Don't get me wrong ~ none of us are perfect but recognize their behavior
Many songs & lyrics come to mind ~~~ " When a Man loves a Women " Saving all my love for you "
"Love me like you do " " I wanna know what love is " . & the list goes on …. Tom jones , Elvis Presley
The passion is priceless & being a old -school romantic ' My man will only think & tell me ' I'm beautiful
He will have no desire in his ❤️to express his affections , TLC ' nor intimate comments to anyone else .
There is a special way a man looks at you when he adores you & I believe in that . I Respect a Reserved
Man whom only has Eyes for me ' & desires to prove it . I pray desires to be healthy & happy , honest &
humble . With or without me ' Just let your needs be known . Another scripture . I'm big on principles &
I believe ~ He is too ~~ yet his past pain gets in the way in which he either shuts me out , or he displays
Instability on a personal level . I admire his work ethics , his inner strength , his beliefs , his professional
back ground , his ❤️his soul ' …. I could go on but why …. He already knows .

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